15 Timeless Kalamkari Sarees With Matching Blouses You Need To Check Out Right Now

15 Timeless Kalamkari Sarees With Matching Blouses You Need To Check Out Right Now March 2, 2017

Are you into Bohemian dressing? Then, I’m positive that you’d love reading this article as much as I did writing it. Handloom, earthy, and rustic are the words doing the rounds of late, and it is THE fad right now. Or, let’s say, it’s getting the much-needed revival. I could not have been happier because this is one style I swear by! Kalamkari has been the pride of Andhra Pradesh since forever. It is a handmade, block printed, Persian-influenced design that can be traced back to parts of Iran. Anything handloom or Kalamkari, I am sold. I can wear these all day, every day, and can never get enough of them. You would agree if you have ever gone shopping for a Kalamkari saree.

It’s not easy to choose just a few, but I have done it anyway. Scroll down and take a look at a few timeless beauties every girl needs.

Here’s the list of the Top 15 Kalamkari Sarees With Matching Blouses.

1. Black And Beige Saree With Floral Motif


That cotton sarees are for older adults is a thing of the past. If treated the right way, it makes for a perfect ensemble for 20-somethings as well. Black is a kalamkari staple, and the design motif like elephants, floral, and peacock are also eternal prints that never go out of style. It flows smoothly and is extremely comfortable, making saree wearing a breeze for novices.

Material – Cotton and chennuri silk mix
Matching Blouse – Kalamkari print
Price – INR 2,200*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle aged-women.
Purchase Link – 

2. Black Kalamkari Saree With Procession Border


Black is the first choice for most women, and for me, I love it for more reasons than I want to admit. But, in my defense, kalamkari sarees in black are a classic because the black canvas lifts the intricate hand made prints like no other. They say the design inspiration started from storytelling when craftsmen traveled from one village to another, and I can see why. Every saree has a tale to tell – distinct and unique. You can wear these to any occasion in summer as the fabric is light and comfortable. Team it up with tribal or silver accessories.

Material – Cotton
Matching Blouse – Kalamkari print
Price – INR 1,500*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle-aged women.
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3. Black And Yellow Crepe Saree


Looking for something majestic, yet classy? This might interest you. The opulent grandeur of the Kalamkari design is at its beautiful best. The luxurious crepe fabric is enhancing the look further. When they say pure crepe, you get pure crepe. It is a comprehensive process of designing and that is what makes these pieces exquisite. Sarees like these are ideal for wearing at weddings, house-warming parties or even to an ethnic day at work.

Material – Crepe
Matching Blouse – Full floral kalamkari blouse
Price – INR 11,000*
Suits – This saree is suitable for women in their middle age.
Purchase Link – 

4. Kerala Cotton Saree With Kalamkari Print


Kerala cotton sarees are a statement all by themselves. Just a plain saree and a contrast blouse can make a serious style statement. Now, using the Kerala cotton fabric and hand painting it with the classy kalamkari print makes this twice as beautiful. We have seen our celebrities flashing this combination lately, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s equal parts traditional and sophisticated. The pallu portrays the richness of kalamkari design like no other. The floral black blouse will amp up your look further. Go for a contemporary blouse design to build on the chic factor.

Material – Kerala Cotton
Matching Blouse – Black blouse with floral print
Price – INR 6,500*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle-aged women.
Purchase Link – 

5. Pink Uppada With Kalamkari Print


Are you looking for a pattu saree? Uppada silk has been unanimously ruling the showrooms; it has become an obvious first choice. Now, this saree is a rich harmony of uppada silk with kalamkari design. The intricate design and color detailing involve a laborious process that can sometimes take over a month to create. It is neither easy to make or find. The zari border that runs along the length of the saree is only adding to its luxurious aura.

Material – Pure Uppada
Matching Blouse – Purple uppada blouse
Price – INR 17,500*
Suits – This saree is suitable for women in their middle age to early fifties.
Purchase Link – 

6. Kalamkari Printed Saree In Kosa Silk


Do you like the half and half design style? Then, why not pick something similar in a kalamkari design? An exclusive design that has been masterfully rendered by an award-winning artist from Srikalahasti, one of the two regions in Andhra Pradesh that makes these sarees. Tussar silk is a premium fabric that comes with an in-built sheen. The motifs in the saree take inspiration from Hindu mythology. The pallu is handpainted with paisley motifs, and the remaining part of the saree is plain, which enhances the entire look.

Material – Kosa silk
Matching Blouse – Kalamkari print
Price – INR 16,000*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle-aged women.
Purchase Link – 

7. Red Georgette Kalamkari Saree


Georgette is a go-to for a lot of women, simply because it is easy to carry, flows well, and is lightweight. You can accessorize to make it look grand or go easy for a simpler look. Red and georgette complement each other perfectly – it brings out the beauty of the print. The pallu printed with idols predominantly takes inspiration from Hindu mythology. The organic colors give a warm tone to the design. You can easily wear this saree the entire day without feeling hassled because it is so light.

Material – Georgette
Matching Blouse – Yellow and red blouse
Price – INR 10,000*
Suits – This saree is suitable for middle-aged women.
Purchase Link –

8. Bottle Green Crepe Kalamkari Saree


Kalamkari sarees are a value addition to your wardrobe. You can wear some of these sarees to work or an evening dinner. Kalamkari artists use organic colors that are extracted from plants, the bark of a tree, pomegranate seeds, etc., and the output is something you will never see with chemically processed colors. That is precisely what gives them the rustic vintage feel and is the USP of these prints.

Material – Crepe
Matching Blouse – Floral print
Price – INR 11,000*
Suits – This saree is suitable for women in their middle age to early fifties.
Purchase Link – 

9. Multi-color Crepe Saree With Zari Border


A kalamkari hand-painted lively print saree like no other! The addition of zari makes the saree stand out. You could either go with the blouse that comes with it or use a plain fabric that complements the myriad colors in the saree to balance it all out.

Material – Crepe
Matching Blouse – Plain red blouse
Price – INR 17,550*
Suits – This saree is suitable for women in the middle age to early sixties.
Purchase Link – 

10. Red Tie And Dye Kalamkari Georgette Saree


Tie and dye is a timeless design that will never go out of style. You can never get enough of it! If there is one design that will effortlessly make you look stylish and chic, tie and dye tops the chart. We have seen our very own Bollywood celebrities sporting georgette sarees and flaunting their hourglass figures. Honestly, georgette flows well enough to flaunt and camouflage. So, either way, this is a safe bet. But, what I cannot get over is the kalamkari facelift this saree has been given. The border that runs along the length, the pallu, and the blouse – I cannot stop admiring it!

Material – Georgette
Matching Blouse – Printed blouse
Price – INR 3,100*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young women.
Purchase Link – 

11. Blue Chanderi Hand Printed Kalamkari Saree


Here’s something that stands out. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of chanderi is classy, because it is. The richness of chanderi and kalamkari is well balanced. It has just the right amount of prints. Go with a blouse pattern with kalamkari applique work to own the look.

Material – Chanderi
Matching Blouse – Plain red
Price – INR 3,500*
Suits – This saree is suitable for women in their middle ages.
Purchase Link – 

12. Kalamkari Printed Khadi Silk Saree


Khadi is rustic and sophisticated. A kalamkari printed khadi saree is one of a kind. Navy blue is a royal color in itself, and adding the kalamkari touch to it only makes it better. The intricate self-design blouse is a value add to the saree. However, feel free to go with a plain red saree and get a kalamkari pattern done. Pair it with silver jewelry, and it will make you stand apart.

Material – Khadi silk
Matching Blouse – Printed floral
Price – INR 2,800*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young to middle-aged women.
Purchase Link – 

13. Cotton And Net Half And Half Kalamkari Saree


Half and half is one design everyone is raving about right now. If you’re someone who likes to doll up in one of these, you’ve got to try this simple and stylish piece. Yellow and red is a hit combination, especially for a traditional outfit. Cotton speaks elegance and net speaks style. So, you could consider this for anyone who is younger and looking for an elegant saree that matches their age and taste. Kalamkari will never let you down!

Material – Cotton and net
Matching Blouse – Semi-stitched blouse
Price – *INR 4,800
Suits – This saree is suitable for young women.
Purchase Link – 

14. Black Pen Kalamkari Crepe Saree


This saree is love at first sight for anyone who is a fan of kalamkari. The intricate floral design that runs along as a thick border and the bigger temple motifs to separate them create a graceful silhouette. The material that comes with the saree can be used for making a stylish blouse. One look that oozes class and will never fail you.

Material – Crepe
Matching Blouse – Black and beige kalamkari printed
Price – *INR 6,900
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle-aged women.
Purchase Link –  

15. Beige And Blue Saree With Peacock Pallu


A soft cotton saree with beige as the base color and striking blue to spruce it up, it is beautifully done. The floral motif design for the body and a full-blown peacock border makes this saree look extremely elegant. It comes with a simple self-design beige blouse that balances out the blue. If you have tried all the classic blacks and grays of kalamkari, then go for this one!

Material – Cotton
Matching Blouse – Contrast block print
Price – INR 1,200*
Suits – This saree is suitable for young or middle-aged women.
Purchase Link – 

Now you know what I mean when I said that it’s not easy to select just a few! The kalamkari designs bring out the best in the traditional you. Which one do you like the most? Drop in a message in the comment section below. Until then, happy shopping!

*Prices may vary.


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